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"Summit Hand Therapy has excellent therapists and receptionists who genuinely care about their patients. They provide therapy process teaching as well as preventative measures. I discovered it with the assistance of https://truetherapy.org/accepted-insurances/ ."
Deen r. from Farr West
"I absolutely recommend this place. The Therapist and staff here are truly amazing!! I can’t thank you all enough for getting my arm strengthened and healed. My injury had caused me so much stress and had me so discouraged. Within the first week of treatment I noticed less pain and improved mobility. After 4 weeks I’m back to doing my normal activities and back to work full time. Thank you again!!! "
Melissa S. from Brigham City
"Everyone at this location is fantastic. Nobody wants to have to go to physical therapy, but going to the Farr West clinic makes the process of therapy and recovery a pleasant experince. Shelley is a very personable and knowledgable therapist that pushes you to your limits for better mobility and strengthening. She is encouraging and informative throughout the process. The technicians Kyler and Makayla were fun and full of enthusiam, and Tracy was awesome at the front desk scheduling my appointments, working with my insurance and taking my payments. I live in Ogden so I could have chosen to go to the Clinton or Layton clinics but my first appointment was scheduled at the Farr West clinic. Once I had been there, I knew I had chosen the correct location. I highly recommend Summit Hand Therapy especially the Farr West clinic."
Tom L. from Farr West
"I had LRTI surgery in January and I would not hesitate to recommend Summit Hand Therapy to anyone! The staff in Brigham City (and Farr West) are awesome! Every one of them--Jake, Kristen, Beau, Sarah, and Tracy--is warm, friendly, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and they work together as a team really well. "
Jan B. from Brigham City
"Great Team from the minute you walk in Sarah makes you feel special,and updated on appoint. Beau gets you going with warm towels and great conversation.Jake is amazing with his expertise and knowledge in his areas of skeletal, muscles, and nerves.Kristen is very focused, and has full knowledge of your plan for healthy continuance before next appointment. And to be followed after care. just an all around amazing team. I feel grateful I was recommended by my physician."
Elaine . from Brigham City
"I struggled for several years with pain in my elbows. I developed tingling and numbness in my right hand and eventually had carpal tunnel release performed on my right hand and ulnar nerve release performed on my right elbow. This helped with the numbness but I continued to have pain in both elbows. I also struggled with pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders. I had been to a couple of different doctors, a chiropractor and had a PRP injection in my elbow. After this procedure, the doctor referred me to Summit Hand Therapy. This was spring of 2021. After visiting with me, Jacob Larson, OTD, OTR/L, told me the root of my problem was actually my posture. I was stunned, but so grateful that it was something I could improve, and after two and a half months of manual therapy and stretching and exercises on my own, I was free of pain. In December, I started having pain in my neck and left shoulder after sleeping on a new pillow. I went back to Jake, and after two visits, I am feeling so much better. Jake made it clear that this is something I will continue to have to be aware of and work on every day, but I am so grateful to know that if I do have pain I cannot work through on my own, Summit Hand Therapy is there for me. I highly recommend them. They have a great staff!"
Maria B. from Brigham City
"Always treated like family and leave feeling better."
Roger Norman N. from Brigham City
"Summit Hand Therapy has the Best Therapist Staff that I have ever been to. In 2006 I had fractured my right hand and in 2010 fractured my left hand, both times I went to another therapist in the Tremonton area who loved to bring pain and tears to me during my therapy sessions. I did not like the treatments they used to rehabilitate my hands back to function. Both Cheri and I look forwards to each session because these are the best Therapists Ever: Jake, Christin, Bo, Sara, Sue. "
Gordon Smith from Brigham City
"My son broke two bones in his hand. After surgery, he had very limited mobility in that hand. We started going to Summit Hand Therapy right after surgery. I was SO impressed with the staff there. They worked my son's hand in so many different ways. Zach really like all of the therapists and assistants. EVERYONE was so friendly and knowledgeable. I am a teacher at a local high school. I tell all the football players that break fingers to go to Summit Hand Therapy! They really are the BEST!!"
Rebecca B. from Layton
"The entire staff is amazing and friendly. Sam was my therapist and treated my bicipital tendon impingement. I felt better and better after each session and he taught me home exercises and conservative treatment to do whenever there is a flare up. He also taught me the anatomy of my shoulder so I could understand my injury better. I had almost given up hope on my bicep pain before trying Summit Hand Therapy and now I am back to my favorite activities of biking and climbing. I am very grateful for their knowledge and help. I would recommend to anyone. "
Brooke V. from Bountiful
"My experience has been very positive. Jake and the crew are the BEST!!!! I feel we became friends not just because of my therapy, but we talked and shared. We even were able to visit with others going through the same thing. Wonderful visits!"
Silvia M. from Brigham City
"I have had a great experience with physical therapy recovering from shoulder surgery. The Clinton location is super relaxed so it makes appointments fun. Brian is great at working with people and allowing them control of the direction of their treatment plan. Tammy is awesome at scheduling appointments based on your needs and Kaylee is super sweet. "
Katrina M. from Clinton
"There aren't enough words to describe the level of care that is provided by Jake and his team at the Brigham office. I have spent a majority of my years in some form of physical therapy and up until I began my sessions with Summit, most my care had been minimal hands on care. Jake, Madi, and Nate truly care about how patients are doing. They listen to concerns and explain why you may feel the way you do. I am so grateful for Summit staff! Thank you!"
Amy A. from Brigham City
"Best treatment ever. Made fast recovery with personal treatment "
Lorie Elzinga from Clinton
"I had my first visit last Thursday. I found the entire staff to be friendly and very competent. Their office is in the same building as my surgeon which makes it very convenient. My next visit us tomorrow and I’m actually looking forward to it. "
Dan H. from Bountiful
"They are so fun to talk to and they take care of people so well. I would definitely recommend going to the Clinton location. "
Natalie B. from Clinton
"My wife has been treated at Farr West office for years..She is always happy about this office care to her. I'd like to thank them for for this care"
D. H.oelle from Farr West
"I love Summit Hand Therapy! Everyone there is great to work with, they have a fun staff which makes the therapy time fly by. Jake has helped get my shoulder moving again and given me lots of good info to work on at home to help now and in the future."
Emily A. from Farr West
"I was injured at work over 3 years ago. I originally went to hand therapy at a different clinic and didn’t notice any improvement. Following my wrist surgery, I started at Summit Hand Therapy. Although the therapy I needed was intensive, it made a world of a difference in my recovery. I spent over a year and a half getting my wrist to where I’m at, and I credit Summit Hand Therapy for the things I’m able to do today. Both Jake and Sam were AMAZING therapists to work with, they pushed me to get stronger and taught me new ways to use my hand to decrease pain. All of the office staff (shout out to Becky!!) are so kind, friendly, and truly care about you and your recovery. Although I’m finished with my hand therapy, I still stop in from time to time to say hello and thank everyone for the life-changing help they gave me. I recommend Summit Hand Therapy to everyone I meet with hand complaints. Thank you for everything, Summit Hand Therapy! "
Emily from Farr West
"I had a SLAP tear repaired in December. Ryan and Sam have been working with me and WOW! I am almost back to full motion! The therapy has been great. The entire office staff is fantastic and positive. I don't even dread going to therapy! They listen to me and work with me to get my shoulder back to where it functioning normally!"

Michelle R.
 from Layton

'Summit Hand Therapy has great therapist and receptionist who care for their patients. They provide instruction to the therapy process and preventative measures.'

David H.

'My favorite part of therapy is the good information. They are great at answering my questions and helping me make a good [treatment] plan. They are pleasant and friendly and great to interact with.'

Katie R.

'The therapists at Summit Hand Therapy are gentle and explain the steps in the recovery process. Each individual I have dealt with is friendly and nice. The staff is great!'

Cynthia D.

'The staff at Summit Hand Therapy are ALWAYS happy and chatty; they also talk about things I enjoy talking about and they are so funny. I also love the enviorment because it is so fun.'

Kaylie T.

'The employees are extremely friendly so I enjoy coming in when I am scheduled. They are also very knowledgable. 10 out of 10, I would hurt my hand again to be treated by them.'

Korbin S.

'The therapists at Summit Hand Therapy explain what they are doing and what needs to be done to heal correctly. Everyone is so personable and helpful.'

Ember L.

'The therapists at Summit Hand Therapy are very personable and comfortable to be around. They are very infomative when I ask them questions. The staff is kind, knowledgable and the whole experience is very enjoyable and you WANT to be there!!'

Wanda S.

'The therapists at Summit Hand Therapy are the top of their field. They are kind and caring in their approach to your recovery. It is a very organized and well run clinic.'

Pam A.

'My favorite part of therapy was ALL OF IT! It always made me happy to come in and converse with everyone. I got to know all 5 therapists and all of the techs. Besides making my hand feel and get better, I never wanted to leave after my appointments. I always had a great time with these amazingly kind and humble people.'

Jacqueline N.

"I would refer someone to Summit Hand Therapy because it would be the best decision of their life to choose them for their hand therapy."

Alonso M.

"Go to Summit Hand Therapy if you want to get better!"

Daniel L.